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Let's Talk Sustainability

The past week we discussed the topic of sustainability together with SJ, AFRY, IKEM, Essity and Powercell Group.

The week started off on Monday with the record breaking number of 300 students excited about SJ:s take on sustainable transportation. Followed by AFRY:s multi-faceted presentation on the acceleration towards a sustainable society during Tuesday's lunch.

On Wednesday, IKEM- innovations- och kemiindustrierna i Sverige, presented a more in depth take on sustainability within the chemichal industry.

During Thursday's lunch Essity was in the spotlight handing out product samples and speaking about their contribution to a sustainable society.

The Grand Finale was presented by Powercell Group and CEO Richard Berkling's macro world analysis!

Here are some opinions from students attending:

"I really enjoyed hearing about Powercells technological perspective on sustainability, Richard was mesmerizing".

"Great to hear about sustainability within the chemichal industry!"

Now we look forward to our theme week Let's Talk Innovation in the end of November!


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