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Let's talk Innovation

Lead the way to the future along with the motivated and brilliant students at Chalmers.

27th November to 1st of December 2023

Why Innovation?

Talking about innovation is an opportunity to exchange ideas, ignite transformation, and collaborate towards a shared objective. By discussing innovation, we can increase awareness, generate momentum, and foster a movement that will propel positive change for future generations.

As students at Chalmers, we aim to emphasize innovation because we possess a distinctive chance to shape the trajectory of our world through our endeavors. By integrating innovative principles into our designs and advocating for progressive practices, we, as engineers, can contribute to forging a more inventive and resilient future for everyone.

Human-Robot Friendship

Being part of 
Let's talk

As an expert in your field, this 5 day event will make you stand out as a future employer for our great minds at Chalmers. You will get the unique opportunity to meet our curious and motivated students in your own way and create a connection that will last.


Our Let’s talk events are popular and cover many relevant and contemporary areas for you to engage with our students. We, as student’s ourselves, understand what drives and motivates our peers and we have tailored our events specifically for this.

We, the hosts of Let's Talk Innovation, are a student-run marketing company owned by the Chalmers Student Union. Our goal is to connect Chalmers students and businesses through captivating marketing and events. 


At CSP, we are all Chalmers students and understand what appeals to other students. No matter your aspirations, we are here to customize the event

to fit your needs. 

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What we offer


All prices are exclusive of VAT

Let's tailor an event of your choice.


No matter what type of event, you will be included in a broad marketing plan for the Let's talk theme week and specific marketing of your event all around campus. 

We reach up to 13.000 students across every science, and so can you!

Below you will find our most popular events.

Included marketing:

  • Digital screens across campus - exposure to 2.000 students daily

  • Showcased to our 8.000 followers across 3 social media platforms, in the Student Union app (more than 7.000 users), and the Student Union newsletter

  • Posters and street signs around campus  


What's in it for you?

Full attention from up to 200 students during one hour at campus Johanneberg. 


This week's theme is innovation, giving you the chance to create a compelling lecture that showcases your expertise and motivates your audience to become successful innovators.

What you get:

  • The students will have a delicious lunch provided by your company during the lecture. 

  • An equipped classroom is prepared for you to give an interactive lecture.  

  • You can control the budget by choosing the type and amount of food you would like to offer the students. The food is catered by our own student-owned restaurant.

  • Marketing is always included.


From 22.500 SEK 

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