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Meet your future talent. Chalmers is filled with bright, talented future professionals. Seize the opportunity to meet your next star employee.

Strengthen your brand. We offer multiple ways for your company to get your brand out there and this is key to attracting the most brilliant students.

Get a new perspective. Sometimes you need a different perspective. The students at Chalmers can help you get just that.

To help you with all of this, we offer a wide range of both digital and physical events as well as marketing. 



Have an event on sight, take the perfect opportunity to get the attention of the students. Have a lunch lecture in one of our lecture halls or perhaps a showcase located in the center of campus.   



Forget seating limitations and reach out to students without any hassle. Perhaps you want to record and publish a webinar for extra exposure - reaching your crowd has never been easier!

Uppgifter om en styrplatta


Want to reach out to Chalmers students on our social media platforms, target the most relevant students for you through an email sendout, or be seen on our tv-screens all around Chalmers campus?

Have an idea?

Looking for a more customized event?


Perhaps you just want to reach our students with an email, or show up with a food truck on campus! We develop our services continuously to gain the best products there are, and we would love to hear your ideas.

How the process works

We process your request immediately and your idea will be assigned to a team of our amazing talents. We have a great team of Project Managers and Art Directors that work together to create your marketing solutions. Together we'll make your vision come true.


Want to know more about us, get in contact with someone in particular or just check out or team?


Our projects


Traineedagen by Chalmers Studentkår Promotion is an annual event taking place in the fall for last year students.

Let's talk

Let's talk is an event series consisting of lunch lectures, case nights and more which take place during a week, several times during the year.


PreCHARM powered by Chalmers Studentkår Promotion is your opportunity to raise awareness among students before the CHARM-fair.

Do you want your company to participate in one of our bigger projects?  

A couple of Companies We've worked with

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