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preCHARM is an introduction week (Jan 24th - Feb 5th) to the CHARM fair where you have the opportunity to learn more about the companies attending the fair. This will allow you to gain insights into the operations, job opportunities, and requirements of the companies.

Having firsthand experience with the company by attending one of their events and expressing your interest in them can be a great conversation starter at the fair. Attend preCHARM and make sure to meet the companies before everyone else!


The links to the upcoming events are posted below, or you can view them all with this facebook link!

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Career kickstart: Professional networking 

January 24th 12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Lecture with Chalmers

Would you like to improve your networking skills for professional purposes? During this pre-CHARM lecture, you will learn how to effectively approach networking events with confidence and the right kind of questions. After the lecture, there will be time for a Q&A and further career guidance.


The lecture is provided by Kajsa Bengtsson, Career guidance counsellor at Chalmers. The theme for the lunch lecture will focus on who to kickstart yotr career by professional networking.

January 26th 12:00 - 13:00

Lunchföreläsning med SJ

Jakob Åhgren, Senior Business Developer & Project Manager på SJ, är civilingenjör inom industriell ekonomi. Jakob arbetar bland annat med etableringen av SJ Euronight (nattåg till Tyskland), inköp av nya höghastighetståg med en hastighet på 250 km/h, uppgradering av X2000, 5G ombord och affärsutveckling.


Föreläsningen kommer att fokusera på tågtrafiken i Europa med SJ som utgångspunkt, bredden av uppgifter som finns inom SJ och varför man bör välja tåget ur ett hållbarhetsperspektiv.


Gratis poke bowls för de första 175 studenterna! Vi ses i GD-salen!

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Hållbart resande med SJ i Europa

preCHARM 2024 facebook-04.png

Your path to a job in engineering

January 29th 12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Lecture with Sveriges Ingenjörer

How can you effectively create a lasting first impression? What strategies can you employ to craft a compelling cover letter and resume? How do you adequately prepare for a job interview, and what key considerations should you bear in mind throughout the interview process? Applying for a job essentially involves marketing yourself.

Join us at this informative lunch lecture where we will provide valuable tips and guidance on the crucial aspects you need to consider in order to successfully secure part-time employment, a summer job, a degree project, or your initial position as an engineer!


Free wraps for the first 150 students! See you at GD-salen!

January 29th 15:00 - 17:30

CV-Workshop with Chalmers Studentkår Rekrytering

Invest in your future and enhance your chances of impressing employers! Gain valuable insights and feedback on your CV to stand out from the crowd. Our vision at Chalmers Studentkår Promotion is to be the bridge between education and the professional world. We offer full-time, part-time, and summer job opportunities. Bring your CV and feel free to drop by and say hello, and we’ll assist you in reaching your dream job!

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Having the right mindset to undertake Preem's largest transformation

January 30th 12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Lecture with Preem

Do you have the right mindset to drive Preem’s largest transformation? As Sweden’s largest fuel company, we are leading the transition towards a sustainable society by driving the transformation of road and air traffic, societal functions, industry, and maritime transport. We play a crucial role in the energy sector’s transformation.


As Sweden’s largest fuel company, Preem leads the way in the transition to a sustainable society, driving changes in road and air traffic, societal functions, industry, and maritime transport. We play a vital role in the energy sector’s transformation and are actively involved in ongoing billion-dollar projects in the Västra Götaland region. Welcome to a lecture on bio-based energy solutions and innovative engineering work at a responsible and inclusive company in transition!


Free baguettes for the first 150 students! See you at GD-salen!

January 31st 10:00 - 14:00

CV-Photoshoot with CFFC

Do you need a new picture for your CV, or do you find your current LinkedIn photo a bit dull? Swing by CFFC, and let us capture your new favorite image. Drop in from 10-14 at Group Room 1 in the Student Union Building!

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Stay in Gothenburg - the powerhouse of innovation

February 1st 12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Lecture with Business Region Göteborg

Why should you stay in Gothenburg? The reasons are many; from the number of interesting industries looking for competence to a great life after working hours. At our lunch seminar you will learn more about the fantastic opportunities. Hope to see you there!

Meet representatives from interesting industries: architectural vizualisation, tech and fashion engineering. Learn about the reasons to stay in Gothenburg - in facts and figures.

First wraps for first 150 students! See you at GD-salen!

February 2nd 18:30 - 20:30

Afterwork with Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy, we’re planning to hire 2000 people in Sweden over the next two years and are seeking students who want to be part of creating a sustainable energy future. In 2023, Hitachi Energy secured the largest export agreement in Sweden’s history! Enabling the transmission of electricity from offshore wind power to Europe’s power grids.

Are you interested in working for a global company with a booming business? Join us for an after-work event to mingle with our employees, where we can share exciting updates about the company and discuss how you can kickstart your career with us!

The first 20 students will get a Goodie-Bag and the first 100 students will get Pizzas and Soda! See you at Café Bulten.

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preCHARM 2024 facebook-01.png

A Hydrogen Electric Future

February 5th 12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Lecture with PowerCell Group

PowerCell group design, develop and manufacture hydrogen electric fuel cells, that deliver zero emission power to applications on air, land and sea. We are rapidly growing and need more innovative and curious people to join. PowerCell hereby inviting you to a lunch lecture with a focus on the Hydrogen Electric Future.

Come and listen as CEO Richard Berkling talks about how hydrogen electric fuel cells will be a significant part of the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Free wraps for the first 200 students! See you at GD-salen!

February 5th 18:00 - 20:00

Lecture & Mingle with Worley

Whatever your ambition, there’s a path for you at Worley. Do you want to make an impact on the world’s sustainability? We want to be recognized as the leader in sustainable solutions in the Nordics and we need you.

Graeme Wilson from our Copenhagen office will do a presentation about Sustainability and the Nordic strategy together with Henrik Hägglund, Manager of Projects for our Sweden office and Hanna Tvedten from our office in Stavanger. There will be a mingle afterwards with more people from our Sweden office where pizza and drinks are served and a possibility for asking questions.


Free pizza and sodas for the first 100 students! See you at Veras Gräsmatta!

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