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Let's talk AI

With the best students in Sweden, at Chalmers.

March 27th-31st


Why AI?

AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, enabling them to learn, adapt, and solve problems in a human-like manner, with the potential to revolutionize many industries. For you to be in the lead of this revolution, you’ll need the right talents within all fields.  


We are here to connect you with the talents of tomorrow.  

These sentences were written with the help of AI, try it yourself at:   

LTAI - 3.png

This is 
Let's talk  

During 5 days we engage several companies to share their experience, knowledge and expertise about a pre-defined hotspot on campus, in this case, AI, but we have had several different themes: sustainability, innovation, future, and much more.


There is a wide variety of activities to choose from where you get the opportunity to engage hundreds of students.

You have the opportunity to book your personal slot during the week. Each participating company has its spotlight.


We whom host Let's Talk AI are a student-driven marketing company owned by Chalmers Student Union. We create meetings between chalmerists and businesses of all kinds through appealing marketing and events.


We at CSP are all students from Chalmers and know what is appreciated by students.  


Whatever your ambitions are, we are here to tailor your event. 




What we offer

We are here to tailor an event of your choice.


No matter what type of event, you will be included in a broad marketing plan for the Let's talk AI theme week and specific marketing of your event all around campus. 

We reach up to 11.000 students across every science, and so can you!

Below you will find our most popular events.

Included marketing:

  • Digital screens across campus - exposure to 2000 students daily

  • Showcased to our 8000 followers across 3 social media platforms and in the Student Union app 

  • Posters and street signs around campus  


All prices are exclusive of VAT

What's in it for you?

What you get:

Full attention from up to 200 students in 60 minutes at campus Johanneberg. 


Given the week's topic, Artificial intelligence, you design how to deliver the lecture.  

  • Popular lunches are ready outside a lecture hall for the students.

  • An equipped classroom is prepared for you to give an interactive lecture.  

  • You can control the budget by choosing the type and amount of food you would like to offer the students. The food is catered by our own student-owned restaurant.

  • Marketing is always included.

Price from: 22 500 sek 

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